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Small AUV with Side Scan Sonar Proves Capable in Littoral Zone
GK AUV San Diego Article July 2013.pdf U550 Wreck diver Article.pdf ST_AUV article by Garry.pdf SUBMARINE O-9 SEATECH ARTICLE.pdf

Found, WW II German Submarine U-550

Use of AUV for Deepwater Shipwreck Search

Found WW II Submarine USS O-9

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Dean Richmond Search.pdf

Recalling The Search for the Dean Richmond

Submarine S-21 Located rev 2.pdf Found Whelan.pdf

Found WW II Submarine USS S-21

Found Steamship  George Whelan

Roma Article August 2014 ON&T.pdf
Recently Discovered Italian WWII Battleship ROMA Mapped with AUV & ROV
Mapping IBS ON&T May 2015.pdf

Mapping Iron Bottom Sound

ON & T Oct 2017 GK Editorial.pdf

Deep Ocean Searches