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Garry Kozak has been serving the offshore industry since 1970. His early career as a commercial diver, supported oil drilling rigs off the coast of Newfoundland, pipe laying in the Gulf of Mexico and salvage operations in the Great  Lakes.   Garry’s career in undersea search and survey began in 1972 off the coast of Labrador using an EG&G sidescan sonar.  Garry has more than 40+ years of field experience managing search operations from the Arctic to the Tropics. Garry  created the very first formal training course on side scan sonar and has trained  more people, Navies, and commercial organizations on the use of this technology than any other person in the world .  When present day  sonar experts need advice on  data interpretation or the technology, it  is GK Consulting who they go to.  Garry is presently employed by Edge Tech,, the world leader in the design of  high performance  commercial & military sidescan sonar and sub-bottom profiling systems.

 GK Consulting provides the expertise and management to handle any underwater survey,  search and recovery.  We specialize in shipwreck and aircraft location  but also perform general survey work as well as specialized requirements such as drowning victim location and UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) sites.  GK Consulting has provided expertise to such high visibility projects as the recovery of the space shuttle Columbia with the  US Navy Supervisor of Salvage,  the Swiss Air 111 search with the Canadian Navy,  and projects with the US  Navies Deep Submergence Group.
What They say
     Marty Klein -  Project Engineer designing the 1st commercial sidescan
                          sonar at EG&G  now known as EdgeTech.
                               Web site:  www.martinklein.com
Clive Cussler -  Author, undersea explorer and founder of NUMA.
                       Web site:  www.numa.net
Dr. Joe MacInnis -  a physician-scientist, author and deep-sea explorer
                             Web site: www.drjoemacinnis.com
Dave Jourdan-  founder of Nauticos, deep ocean explorer
                        Web site: www.nauticos.com
Henri G DeLauze -  founder/president of COMEX, France, deep
                             saturation diving pioneer, undersea explorer
                              Web site:  www.comex.fr