GK Consulting
Undersea Search & Survey
Specializing in Shipwreck and Aircraft Location
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Telephone:  603.434-0732   
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Alaska Sikorski S-39 Project Clive Cussler Doc Edgerton Lochness Bob Ballard Breadalbane Queen Charlotte Islands John Chatterton Mike Fletcher Sea Hunter Sunset, Georges Bank Deep Tow Sidescan Sonar Launch Diver Alasaka S-39 Project Winch & A-frame at Sunset Sunset Suvey Day Start Survey Ops Station USBLDeployment Mesotech MS1000 Scanning Sonar Edgetech Towfish Ready to Deploy Deep Tow Sidescan Sonar Coast Guard edgetech 4600 Merril Pass Alaska CIC, Combat Information Center Baltic Deep Tow from the Old Days 1982 Very Cool Toys Alvin Remus 6000 AUV